As the COVID pandemic has taken over our lives, we are finding new purpose in what it means to come together as a community. As many colleges and universities will do their best to curtail the effects of the pandemic, it has and will be harder to stay connected with your campus community. Going to college is just as much about the degree as it is about the friends and community you make, and it’s important you still have that. That’s where we come in.

CampusGrüv is a company we made to garner community within the campus space. Through our own personal experiences in college and working with the broader community outside of our campuses, it has become evident that students who have a greater sense of belonging both at their school and within their community tend to do much better academically and are overall more satisfied with their college experience than those who are not as involved.

Now more than ever there is a need to speak out and be active at your campuses. With the many opportunities that are available to express yourself at way at college, we want to make sure you find all those opportunities available to you. CampusGrüv provides you with a personalized college experience. Instead of flyers and random Facebook searches to find out who and what is on campus, CampusGrüv brings you a personalized array of content from your school and lets you connect with anyone in the campus community. Whether you run a student organization trying to get the word out about an event, or just trying to connect with people at your school, everything you need to feel a sense of belonging at your school is on CampusGrüv. Also, if you ever wondered what was happening at any other college or wanted to connect with people in the broader community, you can do that too through our ‘campusfeeds’ which will soon give you access to any college/university in the country.

We all work to help the people around us every day. The best way to be part of that change is by being a part of your own community. Sign up to get notified when the app launches!

CampusGrüv – Your Campus, With you.